Garden Grove
Church of God
The Legacy Began
Church Vision

Our Church exists to be a Christ-like influence to all colors, cultures, and communities.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to be adherents of God's word, foster cohesion of cultures, not to be consumed by the past and concerned about your future.



Reaching a New Generation with a Message of Hope


Pastor James Darby, with his wife Kim, and the leadership staff of Garden Grove, this innovative church is poised for the new millennium.


Since May, 2005 under the leadership of Pastor James Darby, Garden Grove has grown in a variety of ways. Garden Grove's commitment to community outreach continues to increase.


There is a new generation rising at Garden Grove - a generation that doesn't believe in limits, and believes all things are possible with God. Pastor Darby and his wife, Kim, are leading this generation with a practical message that is transforming lives.


"Our mission is to glorify God by reaching upward to God, outward to the community,  and inward to the congregation for the purpose of Worship, Ministry, Outreach, Fellowship, Discipleship and Leadership."


The story of Garden Grove Church of God began in Westminster on April 14, 1955.

Its origins were humble. In fact, the first meeting of Garden Grove Church of God was held in the home of Dick and Aimee Allen. But a caring atmosphere, quality leadership, and community outreach attracted people from all ages, religious backgrounds, races, and walks of life.

The Legacy Began.

Garden Grove Church of God began in 1955 with the vision of five families.  Because the nearest Church of God was too far from the rural community of Garden Grove California, meetings began in the home of Dick and Aimee Allen.  The first pastor was Ruel Hicks.  Within a few years over 70 people were gathering regularly in the Allen's home. The meetings were moved to a nearby Seventh Day Adventist church.


Property was later purchased for building a Church of God on the border of Garden Grove and Westminster.  In early 1959 services began to be held in a building that combined a worship center (now known as our International Fellowship Hall), kitchen and two classrooms.


In the 1970's the area was losing its rural  appeal, becoming more of a residential and small business community and a suburb of Los Angeles. The original vision of the first families paid off. The neighborhood watched the construction of the church.

From the beginning, classroom
space was completely full with people from the neighborhood. Work began immediately on the classroom building that now houses our children's program. The final buildings constructed were the north classrooms, nursery, offices and Sanctuary.